-Refreshing citrus treatment 55 min / 49 €
-Treatment to prepare for summer holiday 75 min / 59€
- Refreshing treatment for men 75 min / 49€
- Peat treatment for legs 25 min / 29€
- Peat treatment for body 55 min 39€

- Seatreatment to renew your feet 45 min 39€ 

-Luxurious slimming body treatment with chocolate and vanilla 75 min/ 59

-Slimming body treatment with lemon and honey. 75 min / 49€
-Slimming treatment with seaweed and sauna to women 120 min / 59 E€
-Refreshing seatreatment with sauna to men 120 min/ 49€

-Depilation for legs 39€
-Luxurious milk bath 20 min / 29 €
-Bath with soya 20 min /29 €
-Bath with rosemary 20 min/ 29€
-Relaxing bath with melissa 25 min /29 €
-Treatment bath to those who do not want to be ill  25 min /29 €

Descriptions for some treatments;
  • Refreshing citrus treatment cleans your skin effectively, gives a fresh look to your skin and a nice natural complexion. The treatment includes facial cleansing, peeling and massage with vitamin cocktail, which have a moisturising effect.  
  • Treatment to prepare for a summer holiday is luxurious moisturising and tightening treatment to lift the spirits, which has a dual effect: boosting energy and releasing toxins. It includes body peeling with sea salt, detox seaweed wrap and massage with slimming cinnamon-seaweed body lotion. Fast and effective results in short period of time. 
  • Refreshing, relaxing and cleansing treatment for men.  It includes skin peeling, sea-mud and peppermint oil wrap and massage. It tones and releases you from tiredness. Treatment will restore your energy and give more power.  

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